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January is my worst month, but I like the clean fresh feeling of welcoming in a new year, and that empowering thought, ‘This year I’m going to be a better, shinier, healthier, thinner, more hardworking version of myself.’ Well, probably not. I am however happy to see the back of 2011, and I have big plans for 2012 career wise. I also want to make something of this blog. Making resolutions just because the clock ticked over into a new date period always seems doomed to fail, but I feel really optimistic about the new year and want to capitalise on my enthusiasm. Here are the reading-related things I resolve to do….

Read a book a week

I always try to read a book a week, which I guess doesn’t sound like much when I claim to be a prolific reader. This is mainly because I like long books. Last year I read both Les Miserables and the Count of Monte Cristo, over 2,000 pages worth of book. Reading books like this takes serious time and commitment, but they are so rewarding. I think I’ll always go for quality over quantity.

Read two Dickens novels, one Wilkie Collins, one Russian & one French novel

My reading goals have been the same for the last couple of years, except last year I didn’t read a Dickens, so this year I get to read two. Lucky me. Wilkie Collins and Dickens are two of my favourite authors, so I ration myself. Also, I suppose I’ve found it hard to get out of that university habit of having a set reading list and I find having a few set texts every year helps me focus.

So, it seems that I have the same hackneyed, boring resolutions as everyone else after all. Still, nothing wrong with trying to be the best person you can be, right?


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